Straight Hair!

Hi all!

About a month ago, I decided to straighten my hair… out of pure frustration. I have been super bored with my natural hair lately that I’ve been seriously contemplating cutting it. Nevertheless, if I am going to big chop, I might as well experiment with my hair now.

I blow dried my hair first, using Silk Element’s Heat protector and flat iron on 375 degrees using a bit of Grapeseed oil. Did you know that Grapeseed oil is actually a good heat protectant?

Grapeseed oil is a great heat protectant because it has a high burning point. It has the ability to withstand heat up to about 420 Degrees. Unlike many over the counter protectants, Grapeseed Oil offers a bonus benefit in that it also supplies your hair with sheen and moisture which will ultimately reduce brittleness, strengthen your hair strands and protect against split ends.

Anyways, here is the video:




Natural Hair: Mini Twists!

Hey guys,

A couple of days days, I starting twisting my hair. I honestly just wanted to put my hair away for a bit because I have been so busy working two jobs that I barely have time to take care of it. I took me 6 hours to complete and I caught up on all my TV shows/YouTube Vids!

I only used water/vegetable glycerin mix to dampen my hair and my shea butter mix to twist. My hair could not get any softer!

What is your favourite protective hair styles?



IN REVIEW: La Boutique De Fleurzty Conditioning Hair Treatment

Hey guys

I have been wanting to review this product for a really long time. I absolutely LOVE this deep conditioner. It is really moisturizing, smells good, have lots of slip and help with the detangling process. Like I said, I bought this product back in december (Yes, 2011), so now I can really  rave about it as I have been using it for a while. I hate those “reviews” where the person only uses a product once. I call these “first impressions”, not review.

Anyways, this product is $29 but I bought it on sale last year so with shipping included, it cost me $30.65. This is the most I have ever paid for a hair product and honestly, I do not regret it at all. Oh, that’s another thing, shipping costs are SUPER reasonable. (I am in Canada and some companies act like Canada is in another galaxy).

Product Claims:

Conditioning Hair treatment quenches the thirst out of your hair. Say goodbye to tangles! This conditioner is heaveily concentrated in order for you to only use a little.

My thoughts: 

When you apply this product in your hair, it immediately melts right in leaving your hair extremely moisturize and soft.  This product is actually able to moisturize my dry 4c strands and I am impressed every time. A little really goes a long way: I have only used half the jar in 6 months! (not counting the times where I’ve had my hair in protective styles). I love the consistency as well as the smell. Considering how long this jar with last you, this deep conditioner isn’t expensive at all.

In addition, it is has all natural ingredients, which is always a plus.


Water, cetyl alcohol, honey, behentrimonium methosulfate, glycerin, jojoba oil, avocado oil, stearyl alcohol, hemp seed oil, hibiscus extract, nettle extract, vitamin E, lavender essential oil, jasmine essential oil, tinosan potassium sorbate.


-Very moisturizing

-Smells good

-Great presentation

-Great shipping




If you do decide to try out this product, let me know how it works for you!


Until next time



Natural Hair & Shrinkage!

Most naturals have to deal with shrinkage and most of us hate it. I have learned over the years to stop fighting my hair and embrace what it does. I, as many of you might know from my youtube channel, have kinky/coily hair and my shrinkage is just phenomenal. It never cease to amaze me how much my hair shrinks. For the longest time, I was convinced that my hair had stopped growing just to realize that the longer my hair gets, the more intense my shrinkage is.