Baby, Let Your Hair Down

IMG_5146 IMG_5178 IMG_5183 IMG_5225 IMG_5250// Dress-Sirens // Shoes- Payless // Bag & Accessories- Aldo //

Hey guys!

About two weeks ago I’ve straighten my hair. I have been enjoying my straight hair so much that I never want to wash my hair ever again! Okay, well maybe I have to and I think I may do that this week end but for right now, this is life!

After the 6 months protective style challenge, It couldn’t wait to see if I had retained any length. Although my hair grew, the length wasn’t noticeable because I practically gave myself a hair cut back in April. As a result, my hair is the same length as when I started the challenge! I am okay with that but I am pretty unhappy with the thickness. For some reason, my hair has been thinning so much over the past year. I actually wanted to do a 3rd Big Chop after seeing how thin it was but I decided to just work on it. This will be my next goal for now. I won’t go into all the details on this post  but I will basically start from the inside out. I will make sure that I am getting lots of nutrients and I will start taking a multivitamin/hair vitamin! I am pretty horrible with keeping up with vitamins but I will set up multiple reminders and hopefully that helps. In addition, I will start to be very strict with my regimen, as I have been pretty lazy with it. I share this journey with you all, as always!

On another note, I have been experiencing more with my outfits! Look at me being all girlie with that dress!  I plan to step outside my comfort zone in the future and I am looking forward to it.

Happy Friday, by the way!



Feeling like a Teenager!


Hey guys!

I still remember quitting my full-time job so vividly last Fall. It was a nerve-racking thing to do as I not only enjoyed my work but I was also diving into a new chapter in my life. The uncertainty was killing me but I am glad to say that I survived two semesters of school!  It’s crazy how fast time went and I am one step closer to completing my degree. This goes to show that sometimes you just need to take the leap, and everything else will follow.

As we are finally experiencing warmer temperatures here, I have to say that I am looking forward to having four months off and enjoying the summer. The good thing about being a student is actually having downtime in the spring/ summer.  I feel like I am 18 all over again! When I was working full time, it just wasn’t the same. I still had to wake up early, went about the task of the day, and was too tired to accomplish much after work so it didn’t feel like summer at all. The days felt just as busy as any other seasons. However, I find myself rolling out of bed around 11am lately with a grin on my face and going to bed around 3am. I am telling you, the life! lol

I hope you are enjoying yourself, wherever you are!



A Quick Review + Giveaway

IMG_9929 IMG_9935

 Hi guys,

I hope you are all doing well. The month of love is upon us! It’s crazy how fast the year is going by, but to be honest,  I am not complaining because  it means that summer will soon be here. Oh let me tell you, the temperatures are way below zero here and I do not like it at all.

In any case, I would like to share with you all a few products that I have been using lately.  I was contacted by the owners to make a review and I gladly accepted. It’s actually pretty interesting. One day, I was browsing through Instagram when I stumbled across this lady with such thick, gorgeous natural hair. You all know now much I love thick hair so I was green with envy. About 2 weeks later, someone contacted me regarding a review. To my surprise, I found out it was Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals, the same lady whose instagram I was stalking! Although I usually don’t make product reviews, I felt like it was fate so I accepted.

Tiara Dean is one of my online friends. I have known her since our Hairlista days, way back when we first started to take care of our hair. We’ve collaborated in the past as well, so I was pretty happy for her when she launched her own product line. She also has amazing natural hair! This is one of the perks of making YouTube videos. I get to interact with such wonderful people from all over the world that I otherwise will never get the opportunity to do so. I am forever grateful for this. 

Please watch the video below for my review on the products that I have tried.


 In the spirit of love and generosity, I will be giving away a few of these products. I don’t know about you guys but when I watch product reviews, I get the urge to try the products in question as well. Perhaps it’s my inner product junkie-ism manifesting itself but as a result, I am personally giving away one full size product to 4 winners. All you have to do is subscribe to this blog as well as my YouTube channel, follow my instagram and leave a comment below letting me know which product you would to try. On February 14th, I will randomly select 4 winners and purchase the item that they have chosen (one entry per person please).  I will be picking two winners that requested the Rajehayh Sweet Natural Products and two winners for the Tiara Dean Products.

Pretty simple right?

Good Luck





Pop Of Color

IMG_9855IMG_9850IMG_9840 IMG_9835

Hey guys!

As I was editing the footage for this hairstyle, I decided to include an outdoor scene of my hair and outfit. Tripod and camera in hand, I ventured outside hoping to get this done as quickly as possible because I had to go to work in a couple of hours. As soon as I got to an ideal location, I turned on my camera and it died instantly! I didn’t quite understand as the batter was in the charger all night. I went back home, just to find out that the unit wasn’t plugged in an outlet as all! Because I was DETERMINED to film, edit and upload this video today, I did not let this get to me. I let the battery charge for about 20 minutes as I prepared something to eat and then went back outside to accomplish my mission. I knew that I wouldn’t have much time before the camera died again so I quickly filmed what I needed. I even had time to snap those photographs for the blog as well! Talk about killing two birds with one stone. I was out there for about 12 minutes and let me tell you, I nearly got frostbites! Regardless, I am happy I was able to do this in -23 degree weather.

All of this to say that when you set you mind to accomplish something, nothing can get in your way!

I hope you had a great and productive Monday. I leave you with the video of this easy, simple, yet cute low manipulation hair style.



Take a Snapshot

Hello world,

Or shall I say hello to the very few who actually read this blog! Yep, it’s me again, popping in. I was catching up on a few of my favourite blogs the other day, and got inspired to take snapshots of my surroundings.  Many times, we take for granted the little things in our lives that keeps us sane, that makes us happy. Hence, I decided to walked around my apartment, camera in hand, and captured the  small items that make up the true picture of my life. I ended up having a serene Friday evening afterwards, sipping on a cup of Chamomile Tea.

Have a great week end!



DSC_0013 DSC_0027 DSC_0031 DSC_0042 DSC_0046 DSC_0056 DSC_0069 DSC_0077 DSC_0080


What is your hair type?

4chair 4chair1 4chair3We all come in different shapes, sizes, heights etc. and so does our hair. It can be straight, curly, wavy, kinky, coily or just a combination of all the above. Because of how diverse hair can be, it is  difficult to place someone in one category. However, celebrity stylist, Andre Walker, came up with a hair typing system in hopes to simplify things. I personally believe that the chart is too broad to accurately  classify all the different hair types, but it is a start.

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding my hair type ever since my big chop.  I don’t pay much attention to my hair type typically, because it is simply a guide. At the end of the day, I listen to my hair and care for it according to its current need. If it feels dry, I deep condition and moisturize. If not, I leave it alone. If you are a newly natural and is seeking help on how to care for your hair, the hair typing system can come in handy. I recommend reading up on it on this site.

As stated previously, I have been getting a lot of comments on this matter. Some people think that my hair type has changed over the years, while others feel like I am not a true 4c hair chick as I claim to be. I consider myself to be in the 4c category because of how my hair behaves when it is fully dry. When I wet it, especially if I use a heavy product such a deep condition, my hair forms little ringlets/coils and appears to be in the 4a/b curls category. However, once my hair is dry, it shrinks up about 80% of its length, becomes cotton-like and looses any curl definition that it previously had when wet. There are no apparent curl pattern left. My hair just does want it wants. Because my hair loves thick products/moisturizers, is naturally dry and shrinks up a lot, I classify myself as a 4c hair chick. To those who thinks that my hair texture has changed since my big chop, it hasn’t. My techniques has changed, however, and I have learned how to keep it moisturized.

So, if you want to know my hair type, it is kinky, coily with fine, cotton-like strands. Take that as a category!




Simply Sweet!

IMG_7390 IMG_7628IMG_7670 IMG_7680Following my last post, I think that Mother Nature finally got the memo. It finally feels like Spring. Although, there is still snow on the forecast, I refuse to believe it. I actually drove with my windows down this afternoon and it felt amazing! It was the first time in over 6 months so that is definitely worth mentioning. I was able to go out and snap some pictures as well, which I was excited about. I really love the nail polish on my nails at the moment. Very Spring-like. Are you as excited as I about about the warmer weather?



Guilty Pleasure

muffins muffins2

Hello Hello!

Last weekend, I decided to bake muffins. I debated whether I wanted to bake all week; it was an internal battle that I knew I was going to eventually lose. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been trying really hard to eat clean. I have been doing very well so far, eating my veggies and drinking my green smoothies. However, I have been craving something sweet. I finally gave in to temptations on Sunday, pulled out my KitchenAid mixer and made these super easy muffins.

I followed this recipe, but added raisins and a bit more vanilla extract than recommended. They turned out really good and satisfied my sweet tooth. I halved the recipe because I knew if I made the whole batch, I would eat them all! I still polished them off but 6 muffins are better than 12, right?




1IMG_7246 copy


Before the clock strikes midnight, I wanted to put a post up today. I have been horrible at keeping this blog up to date. Quite frankly, I would understand if you had abandonment issues at this point and I apologize. However, since it is my birthday, will you forgive me?

Usually, around this time of the year, I like to reflect on my life. Although I am not exactly where I would want to be ideally, I do have a lot to be thankful for. No matter how rough things are, it is always productive to recognize the good. I am grateful for my health, my family & my friends.

2013 was a rough year and January isn’t necessarily my favourite month. If you are familiar with this blog, you may know why. However, when life throws challenges at you, you have to build a bridge and get over them. There is a lot that I want to accomplish this year, this blog being one of them. I hope to change a few things and post more often than I have in the past. Let’s hope for a great year!

Happy Birthday to me.



Naturally Detangle Your Hair

finger detangle4

Hey guys!

Today, I will share with you one of the reasons that I have been able to retain so much length. As many of you probably already know, I cut all my hair off in December 2012. Although I completely revamped my hair routine, one thing that made a huge impact is how I detangle. I only use my fingers!

In the past, I thought it was simply impossible to do such a thing with kinky hair. I have seen videos of ladies with a looser hair type discuss the process but I was convinced that it wouldn’t work on my hair. Hell, the times that I have tried were disastrous to say the least. After my cut, with a boost of confidence, I decided to give finger detangling a try.


-It gives your better control of your hair

-You can literally feel the knots and tangles

-Prevents one from ripping their hair out

-Allows maximum Length retention


-Time consuming

In order to finger detangle your hair effectively, you need to make sure that your nails are filled, your ends are in good shape, and that your have enough time so that you aren’t rushing though the process. Below is a video demonstration on exactly how I finger detangle my hair. Check it out!