How To Slay & Maintain Your Puff on Natural Hair

Puff64 Steps to the perfect puffHey Guys!

As I upload my latest youtube video, I realize that I rarely post about my natural hair on the blog. Considering that hair is such a big aspect of my life (it all started as a hair vlogger after all), I figured I should incorporate it on the blog more often, so here we go!

Today, I will go over the few steps that I follow in order to maintain a puff on 4C hair. I don’t leave my hair out very much, but when I do, it is guaranteed to be in a puff. It is such a chic, effortless hairstyle in my opinion, plus it is easy to maintain. What more can you ask for? I try not to do it too often, though. Just as it is easy to achieve, it is easy to forget/ignore your hair, which can result in a lot of single strand knots and dryness. Now that is a big no-no. So just like anything else in life, moderation is key,

1. ALWAYS TIE YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT- This will not only reduce the amount of knots you get but also will prevent your hair from drying out. If your hair is similar to mine, this is key to preventing breakage. You should be using a satin scarf at night, regardless of the hairstyle you have.

2. SPRITZ YOUR HAIR- I find that my hair is a lot more manageable when I spray it with some water. I take it a step further and use a little leave-in moisturizer and an oil to moisturize my hair.

3. USE AN EDGE CONTROL- This step really gives your hairstyle a flawless finish. I personally don’t like to use a lot of gel but I finally found an edge control that stole my heart. It is light weight and doesn’t flake or leave my hair really hard. Use a soft bristle brush to tame those edges.

4. GOODIES HAIRBANDS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND  I honestly don’t know any other ways of achieving a puff. You really need them in your life and they are fairly inexpensive. I like to purposely stretch them out so that I can wrap them around my hair twice. That way, they are tight enough, but now too tight to the point that they will give me a headache. Know what I am sayin’?

5. WORK IT- The bigger the better! Just let your hair do its thing. Honestly, just OWN it.

I hope that these steps are helpful and if you have any questions, leave me a comment.

Thanks again for stopping by!