Guilty Pleasure

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Hello Hello!

Last weekend, I decided to bake muffins. I debated whether I wanted to bake all week; it was an internal battle that I knew I was going to eventually lose. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been trying really hard to eat clean. I have been doing very well so far, eating my veggies and drinking my green smoothies. However, I have been craving something sweet. I finally gave in to temptations on Sunday, pulled out my KitchenAid mixer and made these super easy muffins.

I followed this recipe, but added raisins and a bit more vanilla extract than recommended. They turned out really good and satisfied my sweet tooth. I halved the recipe because I knew if I made the whole batch, I would eat them all! I still polished them off but 6 muffins are better than 12, right?