5 Ways to Slowly Transition Your Style from Winter to Spring

blackcoat-3 blackcoat-2 Black-coatblackcoat4

If you are reading this post, you survived yet another winter! Congratulations. Personally, I think I lose a little part of me with each Winter that comes around. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the cool temperatures from time to time, sipping on a nice warm cup of tea and getting all cozy at home. I am a rabid fan of soups, hot chocolates, comfort food and a nice crisp Beaver Tail. Noticed I said “cool temperatures” though? Needless to say, here in Canada, I am more of an early Fall type of girl. The old body isn’t what to used to be, so although I like to layer up, I love it even more to layer down. Once I see the temperatures climb up to above zero, and I can catch a glimpse of the early sunrise in the morning before work, I know Spring is slowly making a grand entrance.

I stay in my lane, however. But I don’t quite pack up my winter coat just yet, store my boots away and bust out the sundresses. I know how temperamental Canada can be, so I slowly make the transition over. I will share with you 5 tips on how I make it as graceful and painless as possible – because we all know that getting caught in an unexpected drop in temperature to not only be unpleasant but painful.

    1. Get creative with your layering techniques. Although this is a crucial step in the Winter, I think it is equally as important in the Spring… or whatever we call the in-between time frame. I figured I would mention this tip first and foremost because everything else that shall be discussed builds up from there.
    2. Exchange your winter coat for a lighter one. Ah! I told you that it was important to layer up. Before you ditch the heavy wool coat for something lighter though, make sure that you are SAFE from frost bites! Yes, you can get those in the Canadian “Spring”.
    3. Slowly add more colors. I like to do this by throwing on a scarf (as seen in the photographs and video below). This instantly takes an otherwise dark outfit and add some life to it. Nothing says “Come through Spring” like a nice, bright scarf at the end of winter.
    4. Ditch the hat and gloves. When you are feeling brave, I think you can get by without the hat and gloves. The downside? You will actually have to spend a few more minutes to do your hair in the morning. And for the love of God, please don’t have your summer dress on with gloves… Awkward.
    5. Learn to love black leggings. I personally had this point in my life where I hated leggings. I know, I know, how can I? I was young, naive, and self-conscious about how skinny my legs were! Now that I know better, I’ve also realized that they can be a great transition piece. Just make sure that they are thick enough to withstand the wind and you are set.

How do you slowly come out out the winter depression? Let me know below!



My Style in Three Looks

Spring LookBook

Hey Guys!

I hope that you all had an amazing Easter. As you all know, I have been cleaning out my closet/basically finding out new gems that I had purchased, but forgotten about. What a feeling to have a clean, organized space, where you can find exactly what you need? Although I am not completely done with such an overwhelming task, I decided to put together a lookbook, showcasing some of the pieces that I have been loving lately. I feel like these outfits really capture my developing style, in the essence that they are chic, yet comfortable.



I love the color of this bag. It really makes me feel well put together, yet is fairly practical. I honestly can stuff my entire life in there and have space left over. I rarely wear skirts but I actually love the relax look from this one.

Skirt→ Garage
Tights→ Forever21
Shoes→ Call it Spring
Scarf→ Aldo
Bag→ Dynamite


Who doesn’t like a pop of color? Especially with the warmer weather (supposedly) coming around, it is a great way to transition from Winter to Spring. These shoes really took this look to the next level. Ironically, I still had the tag on when I “discovered” them and they were on super sale when I purchased them. Gotta love a great bargain!

Jeggins→ H&M
Shoes→ Forever21
Bag→ Call it Spring
Jacket→ H&M


This last look is my favorite and was my Easter Sunday look. I absolutely love this olive jacket and it is a recent buy. I decided to pair it with a floral top, in an effort to hint to mother nature that I am more than ready for the hot weather. I actually got it from Forever21, which is odd for me. It is VERY rare that I find something that fit me from their stores. I find that their sizes run big and never quite fit me how I like. Although I usually stick to their shoes/accessories,  I couldn’t resist trying this on and to my surprise, I loved it.

Jeans→ Zara
Top→ Sirens
Shoes→ Payless

I hope you enjoyed this post and I cannot wait to share more of my style with you all. Do let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below.

p.s: A great way to bring your favorite looks to life is by making a photo book with Social Print Studio! It is a great way to showcase all your favorite looks in one place




Valentine-day1 Valentine-day2 Valentine-day3 Valentine-day4 Valentine-day5

Oh Hello,

Am I the only one who doesn’t feel compelled to wear something cliché on Valentine Day? I tend to stay away from bright colors, such as reds, most of the time and V-day is no exception. In this “get ready with me” instalment, I show you what I would wear. You can still be pretty feminine and girly in dark colours. Lately, I have been pretty obsessed with burgandy, and I am a little sad that Spring is on its way. However, I am looking forward to the warmer temperatures so I will keep the complaining to a minimal. Speaking of which, winter was absolutely delicious this year! I swear this has been the mildest one since I have lived in Canada. I mean, I am rocking a carding in the middle of February, for crying out loud! I hope that we don’t get a storm or anything soon, knock on wood.


Shirt: H&M

Pants: Sirens

Cardigan: Forever21

Shoes: Call it Spring

Scarf: Aldo

Bag: Call it Spring









It’s my birthday!

Well, technically it was last week but let me enjoy the moment. I am very grateful to the Lord for blessing me with yet another year. As I grow older, I find that I am transforming into a woman who is confident, and conformable in her own skin. It wasn’t always like this. I struggled in my teens years and it took a long time for me to accept who I am, flaws and all. Although I am not one to celebrate, I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday this year.


Coat: H&M

Dress: Dynamite

Shoes: Call it Spring

Scarf: Aldo

Bag: Dynamite



Positive Vibes

IMG_5295 IMG_5291 IMG_5277 IMG_5274 IMG_5268 IMG_5257

H&M Shirt | SUZY SHIER Pants | PAYLESS Flats

Hey all!

I was feeling so blue last week! I was really down about my laptop giving out on me and all the trips I had to make to the Apple Store, just to go nowhere. If you follow my Instagram, I posted a picture a few weeks ago, explaining that I would commit to Youtube, this blog and that I would do my very best to post at least a video/ blog post weekly. Of course, just a few days later my laptop stops functioning unexpectedly.  Usually I try to make the best out of every situation, but this one got to me. I had just spent so much money to get the battery replaced and it honestly felt like everything was going sideways! I was just very annoyed at life!

Luckily, I was able to get one last video off my laptop from my last trip to the Apple Store and uploaded it. I am so happy I was able to do so, not for the sake of uploading a video, but because of the response I got. So many people were telling me not to stress out over it and that everything will work out on its own! I needed to hear that. So a heartfelt “thank you” to those who left positive vibes on my last video. Sometimes we make plans, but God has other things in mind for us.

Ps.These pictures were taking a few months ago, when I had straighten my hair.



Cleaning Out My Closet

IMG_9091 IMG_9062 IMG_9065 IMG_9073

Have you ever felt like you wanted a makeover? Like you wanted to be part of TV shows such as “How Do I Look” or “What Not To Wear”? Well, I have. And lately the daunting task of cleaning out my closet has been hunting me. I promise you, I have clothes from possibly middle school hiding in the back on my closet, collecting dust. To make matters worse, I also have pieces that I have never even worn with the tags still on!

Since I have been thinking of updating my wardrobe, I have decided to change these bad habits and give myself a complete makeover. I have been feeling this way for quite some time. I need a change of style. As I get older, I am developing to a more classic, timeless yet comfortable sense of style. I am going for the minimalist look so I know I have some serious purging to do. However, before I go crazy and start to donate my entire wardrobe, I have made a promise to myself that I will wear each and every piece of clothing that I currently have, at least once. I mean, I bought them for a reason right. Unless they are either too small or just completely hideous, I will make use of them.

Basically, I am tired of having a closet filled with items, yet nothing to wear! I want to slowly move towards having a solid range of clothes that I want to wear; not a dizzying heap of things I have outgrown. Let’s not even mention the disastrous state that my closet is currently in, which makes is impossible to find anything! I will share my outfits with you all and perhaps, we can make this interactive. With each post, you can let me know your thoughts: To keep or to donate? That is the question. I hope you will follow me as I transition into this new “ME”.

Ps. For this post, I have no idea where the top or Jeans are from! They have been around since the Bush administration! Lol



Baby, Let Your Hair Down

IMG_5146 IMG_5178 IMG_5183 IMG_5225 IMG_5250// Dress-Sirens // Shoes- Payless // Bag & Accessories- Aldo //

Hey guys!

About two weeks ago I’ve straighten my hair. I have been enjoying my straight hair so much that I never want to wash my hair ever again! Okay, well maybe I have to and I think I may do that this week end but for right now, this is life!

After the 6 months protective style challenge, It couldn’t wait to see if I had retained any length. Although my hair grew, the length wasn’t noticeable because I practically gave myself a hair cut back in April. As a result, my hair is the same length as when I started the challenge! I am okay with that but I am pretty unhappy with the thickness. For some reason, my hair has been thinning so much over the past year. I actually wanted to do a 3rd Big Chop after seeing how thin it was but I decided to just work on it. This will be my next goal for now. I won’t go into all the details on this post  but I will basically start from the inside out. I will make sure that I am getting lots of nutrients and I will start taking a multivitamin/hair vitamin! I am pretty horrible with keeping up with vitamins but I will set up multiple reminders and hopefully that helps. In addition, I will start to be very strict with my regimen, as I have been pretty lazy with it. I share this journey with you all, as always!

On another note, I have been experiencing more with my outfits! Look at me being all girlie with that dress!  I plan to step outside my comfort zone in the future and I am looking forward to it.

Happy Friday, by the way!



Feeling like a Teenager!


Hey guys!

I still remember quitting my full-time job so vividly last Fall. It was a nerve-racking thing to do as I not only enjoyed my work but I was also diving into a new chapter in my life. The uncertainty was killing me but I am glad to say that I survived two semesters of school!  It’s crazy how fast time went and I am one step closer to completing my degree. This goes to show that sometimes you just need to take the leap, and everything else will follow.

As we are finally experiencing warmer temperatures here, I have to say that I am looking forward to having four months off and enjoying the summer. The good thing about being a student is actually having downtime in the spring/ summer.  I feel like I am 18 all over again! When I was working full time, it just wasn’t the same. I still had to wake up early, went about the task of the day, and was too tired to accomplish much after work so it didn’t feel like summer at all. The days felt just as busy as any other seasons. However, I find myself rolling out of bed around 11am lately with a grin on my face and going to bed around 3am. I am telling you, the life! lol

I hope you are enjoying yourself, wherever you are!



Pop Of Color

IMG_9855IMG_9850IMG_9840 IMG_9835

Hey guys!

As I was editing the footage for this hairstyle, I decided to include an outdoor scene of my hair and outfit. Tripod and camera in hand, I ventured outside hoping to get this done as quickly as possible because I had to go to work in a couple of hours. As soon as I got to an ideal location, I turned on my camera and it died instantly! I didn’t quite understand as the batter was in the charger all night. I went back home, just to find out that the unit wasn’t plugged in an outlet as all! Because I was DETERMINED to film, edit and upload this video today, I did not let this get to me. I let the battery charge for about 20 minutes as I prepared something to eat and then went back outside to accomplish my mission. I knew that I wouldn’t have much time before the camera died again so I quickly filmed what I needed. I even had time to snap those photographs for the blog as well! Talk about killing two birds with one stone. I was out there for about 12 minutes and let me tell you, I nearly got frostbites! Regardless, I am happy I was able to do this in -23 degree weather.

All of this to say that when you set you mind to accomplish something, nothing can get in your way!

I hope you had a great and productive Monday. I leave you with the video of this easy, simple, yet cute low manipulation hair style.



Moving Sideways


DYNAMITE Blouse / AMERICAN APPAREL Jeans / PAYLESS Sandal/ HAIR Tutorial here

Last Friday was my last day of work. As I walked down the halls of the office where I dedicated the last two and a half years of my life, I was overwhelmed with emotions. This was the last time I would walk to the lunch room,  the last time I would hold a mindless conversation with the office manager, the last time I would punch out. Leaving the building was more sweet than bitter however, but I still felt disconnected to reality.

Was I really quitting my job? No more waking up late, panicking and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. No more fuming my way through the morning traffic in order to swipe in just a few minutes late. Although I had planned this for quite some time now, It still felt surreal. I enjoyed my last place of employment (to the certain extend, of course), but I knew it wasn’t something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am going back to school.

Back to university, where I will still be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, battling the morning traffic and struggling to meet deadlines. If anything, life will be even more hectic now that I will be taking a full course load. Yesterday was my first day of school and I am ready to pull my hair out, trying to dig deep in my brain to recall what I’ve learned what seems like centuries ago!

As I take a leap to the uncertainties that life may throw my way, I pray that God with watch my every step.

To all of your that will be returning to school this semester or attending for the first time, cheers to your and let’s make it one of the best school year yet!