Hey guys!

Remember me?

To be honest, I am not even sure what I actually want to blog about. Nevertheless, since I have been drawing blanks for so long, I decided to just freestyle this post.

About nearly a month ago, I had the pleasure to meet Ardean, a super talented Toronto-based photographer.  I have been reading her blog for some times now and I love her photography. She has a unique way of capturing one’s soul. Anyways, I contacted her and one thing leading to another, I was standing in front of her camera lens! She immediately made me feel right at home and I had an amazing time working with her.

As you probably know, I very rarely wear dresses. I actually purchased this one just for my shoot with Adrean. However, since I thought it looked so cute, I decided to recreate my own photoshoot with this outfit. I had a ton of fun capturing these images. A stranger actually stopped to ask me if I was getting married! haha. Maybe one day.

If you are interested on how I achieved this hairstyle, I have a tutorial here.

IMG_9230 Untitled-1IMG_9186 IMG_9194IMG_9223



What is your hair type?

4chair 4chair1 4chair3We all come in different shapes, sizes, heights etc. and so does our hair. It can be straight, curly, wavy, kinky, coily or just a combination of all the above. Because of how diverse hair can be, it is  difficult to place someone in one category. However, celebrity stylist, Andre Walker, came up with a hair typing system in hopes to simplify things. I personally believe that the chart is too broad to accurately  classify all the different hair types, but it is a start.

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding my hair type ever since my big chop.  I don’t pay much attention to my hair type typically, because it is simply a guide. At the end of the day, I listen to my hair and care for it according to its current need. If it feels dry, I deep condition and moisturize. If not, I leave it alone. If you are a newly natural and is seeking help on how to care for your hair, the hair typing system can come in handy. I recommend reading up on it on this site.

As stated previously, I have been getting a lot of comments on this matter. Some people think that my hair type has changed over the years, while others feel like I am not a true 4c hair chick as I claim to be. I consider myself to be in the 4c category because of how my hair behaves when it is fully dry. When I wet it, especially if I use a heavy product such a deep condition, my hair forms little ringlets/coils and appears to be in the 4a/b curls category. However, once my hair is dry, it shrinks up about 80% of its length, becomes cotton-like and looses any curl definition that it previously had when wet. There are no apparent curl pattern left. My hair just does want it wants. Because my hair loves thick products/moisturizers, is naturally dry and shrinks up a lot, I classify myself as a 4c hair chick. To those who thinks that my hair texture has changed since my big chop, it hasn’t. My techniques has changed, however, and I have learned how to keep it moisturized.

So, if you want to know my hair type, it is kinky, coily with fine, cotton-like strands. Take that as a category!




Naturally Detangle Your Hair

finger detangle4

Hey guys!

Today, I will share with you one of the reasons that I have been able to retain so much length. As many of you probably already know, I cut all my hair off in December 2012. Although I completely revamped my hair routine, one thing that made a huge impact is how I detangle. I only use my fingers!

In the past, I thought it was simply impossible to do such a thing with kinky hair. I have seen videos of ladies with a looser hair type discuss the process but I was convinced that it wouldn’t work on my hair. Hell, the times that I have tried were disastrous to say the least. After my cut, with a boost of confidence, I decided to give finger detangling a try.


-It gives your better control of your hair

-You can literally feel the knots and tangles

-Prevents one from ripping their hair out

-Allows maximum Length retention


-Time consuming

In order to finger detangle your hair effectively, you need to make sure that your nails are filled, your ends are in good shape, and that your have enough time so that you aren’t rushing though the process. Below is a video demonstration on exactly how I finger detangle my hair. Check it out!




Sweater Kinda Day

sweatersewater4 sweater2sweater1

Hey guys!

Today was actually SO nice here. It was sunny with a high of 6 degrees! It might not seem warm for a lot of you but considering the fact that it was -40 degrees less then a month ago, I would say I was burning! 🙂 Anyways, I had a pretty nice day, just enjoying the little things that life has to offer. How is your week-end going?



Sexy Can I?

IMG_6048IMG_6010IMG_6026IMG_6029 Untitled-1

Happy Valentine’s day!!!

I hope you guys enjoy this day and remember, it is the simple things in life that we often forget!



As you probably know by now, I cut my hair and I ABSOLUTELY love it. Healthy hair is so much more easier to style. I have less breakage and tangles. Granted, I do have way less hair to deal with but I am telling you, I am in love. I achieved this style with Goody perm rods, which I purchased from Walmart for $1.50! What a steal!

I started with washed and conditioned hair as usual and used the Giovanni Direct Leave in. I also used my shea butter mix to seal in the moisture. I set my hair with the rods and made sure that my hair was completely dry before taking down the twists.



Blouse: Garage

Jeggings: Garage

Jewelry: F21 and Garage

Shoes: Garage



New Beginnings

IMG_5656bIMG_5535bIMG_5665bIMG_5463bhair cute surpriseb

Hey Loves,

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know this: I did the Big Chop!. It’s been a long time coming. I have been contemplating cutting my hair for months now. I’ve shared my thoughts on this matter on YouTube a while back as well. Anyways, I finally decided to start over. Although my hair was long, I knew that it was not healthy.

As a matter of fact, my hair was damaged beyond repair: I had a lot of single strand knots and split ends. My hair was always dry and tangled, no matter what I did. I was not retaining much length either as I was experiencing a lot of breakage. As many of you can probably see, my ends were thin and my hair was dull overall. Needless to say, I knew it was time to have a fresh start.

I am extremely happy with my hair cut. I actually LOVE my hair. For the first time ever, I am satisfied with my hair and accept the way it is. I am finally enjoying my hair as I am no longer focused on length.

Is YOUR hair damaged? Some signs include:


-No sheen/shine

-Hair feels dry, scratchy, rough or hard

-No length retention

-Inconsistent hair thickness from roots to ends

-Inconsistent color from roots to ends

Remember, once your hair is damage, there is no fixing it! You can try to temporality patch it to together with conditioners but damage is irreversible!



Get Ready With Me

IMG_5299 copy IMG_5312copy IMG_5315copy IMG_5316copy IMG_5332copy IMG_5319 copy

Hey guys!

I am finally getting around to upload this style that I did over the holidays. It was super cold/snowy, but that doesn’t stop one from looking super cute right?


I used flexi rods to accomplished this look and I absolutely loved the results.

1. I washed and conditioned my hair using Tresemme Naturals.

2. I used Fleurtzy Curls Nurture Cream to style (Love this her products).

3. I used a hooded dryer to speed up the process but you can just let your hair set over night.

4. Used a little extra virgin olive oil to fluff my hair and VOILA!


Chiffon: Garage

Jeggins: Garage

Boots: Aldo

Rings: Forever 21

Scarf: Aldo

Nail Polish: Wet ‘n’ Wild “Night Prowl” with “Hallucinate” on top

Check out the video, for a visual tutorial

Thanks so much for reading!



Straight Hair!

Hi all!

About a month ago, I decided to straighten my hair… out of pure frustration. I have been super bored with my natural hair lately that I’ve been seriously contemplating cutting it. Nevertheless, if I am going to big chop, I might as well experiment with my hair now.

I blow dried my hair first, using Silk Element’s Heat protector and flat iron on 375 degrees using a bit of Grapeseed oil. Did you know that Grapeseed oil is actually a good heat protectant?

Grapeseed oil is a great heat protectant because it has a high burning point. It has the ability to withstand heat up to about 420 Degrees. Unlike many over the counter protectants, Grapeseed Oil offers a bonus benefit in that it also supplies your hair with sheen and moisture which will ultimately reduce brittleness, strengthen your hair strands and protect against split ends.

Anyways, here is the video: