5 Ways to Slowly Transition Your Style from Winter to Spring

blackcoat-3 blackcoat-2 Black-coatblackcoat4

If you are reading this post, you survived yet another winter! Congratulations. Personally, I think I lose a little part of me with each Winter that comes around. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the cool temperatures from time to time, sipping on a nice warm cup of tea and getting all cozy at home. I am a rabid fan of soups, hot chocolates, comfort food and a nice crisp Beaver Tail. Noticed I said “cool temperatures” though? Needless to say, here in Canada, I am more of an early Fall type of girl. The old body isn’t what to used to be, so although I like to layer up, I love it even more to layer down. Once I see the temperatures climb up to above zero, and I can catch a glimpse of the early sunrise in the morning before work, I know Spring is slowly making a grand entrance.

I stay in my lane, however. But I don’t quite pack up my winter coat just yet, store my boots away and bust out the sundresses. I know how temperamental Canada can be, so I slowly make the transition over. I will share with you 5 tips on how I make it as graceful and painless as possible – because we all know that getting caught in an unexpected drop in temperature to not only be unpleasant but painful.

    1. Get creative with your layering techniques. Although this is a crucial step in the Winter, I think it is equally as important in the Spring… or whatever we call the in-between time frame. I figured I would mention this tip first and foremost because everything else that shall be discussed builds up from there.
    2. Exchange your winter coat for a lighter one. Ah! I told you that it was important to layer up. Before you ditch the heavy wool coat for something lighter though, make sure that you are SAFE from frost bites! Yes, you can get those in the Canadian “Spring”.
    3. Slowly add more colors. I like to do this by throwing on a scarf (as seen in the photographs and video below). This instantly takes an otherwise dark outfit and add some life to it. Nothing says “Come through Spring” like a nice, bright scarf at the end of winter.
    4. Ditch the hat and gloves. When you are feeling brave, I think you can get by without the hat and gloves. The downside? You will actually have to spend a few more minutes to do your hair in the morning. And for the love of God, please don’t have your summer dress on with gloves… Awkward.
    5. Learn to love black leggings. I personally had this point in my life where I hated leggings. I know, I know, how can I? I was young, naive, and self-conscious about how skinny my legs were! Now that I know better, I’ve also realized that they can be a great transition piece. Just make sure that they are thick enough to withstand the wind and you are set.

How do you slowly come out out the winter depression? Let me know below!



POP OF RED | Date Night Outfit & Makeup

V-day1IMG_9986 V-day3 V-day4

Hey Guys!

It’s that time of the year again when we are all bombarded with everything pink, red, sweet and bright! Although I am not doing anything on Valentine’s Day this year – It is a Tuesday after all and I dread going out on week days- I went out last Friday. I guess I can classify this look as something I would wear today, if I was to step outside in the snow/frigid weather. It is currently snowing as I type this, so go figure. Alas, I only went to work and cannot wait to go back home where it is warm, with Mother Netflix waiting on me.

 I feel this makeup and outfit look is so appropriate for the occasion. I decided to go with a red lip, paired with a flawless foundation base and flirty eyes. I really like how this look turned out. With makeup, practice truly makes perfect!

~ Face ~

MAC Pro Longwear – NC45
MAC Pro Lonwear Concealer – NC42
COVER FX Natural Finish – G7
COVER FX Matte Finishing Powder – Medium
ARTISTRY Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder – Dark
SMASHBOX Contour Stick – Bronze
MAC – Global Glow

~ Eyes ~

ANNABELLE – Gold Pigment Dust
MAKEUP FOREVER – Aqua XL pencil #M-10
MAC Rebel EYES Gel Liner
MAC False Lashes – Mascara

~ Lips ~

MAC Lipliner – Chestnut
MAKEUP FOREVER Artist Rouge Matte –  M401

DYNAMITE – Dress & Chocker
ARDENE – Tights
H&M – Shoes
BAG – Gifted
ALDO- Rings



Blue Velvet | Makeup

blue bue2

Hey Loves!

I am learning to let go and step outside my comfort zone. I am talking personal life, work life and… even makeup. I typically do neutral/natural looks but I decided to step outside the box. I’ve had the Luxie Beauty “Blue Me Away” palette for almost a year and I finally worked up the courage to give it a try. Outcome? Love. I hope you enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed creating it. Moral of the story is to step away from the usual. You never know what will happen.

~ Face ~

Foundation : (MAC & COVER FX)
Concealer : (NARS)
Powder : Translucent (COVER FX)
Contour : (no name)
Highlighter : Global Glow (MAC)

~ Eyes ~

Primer : (ESSENCE)
Lids & Outer Corner : Blue Me Away Palette (LUXIE BEAUTY)
Brow Bone : (LUXIE BEAUTY)
Waterline : (LUXIE BEAUTY)
Brows : Dip Brow (ANASTASIA)

~ Lips ~

Lipliner : Brown Lippie (NYX)
Lipstick : Cool Nude (ESSENCE)




How I Prepare My Hair for a Protective Style

Blog 2

Happy Hump Day!

Put your hands up if you have done a protective style, just to take it down to reveal extremely dry and brittle hair. I know I have and it can be quite discouraging to say the least. Although taking care of your hair for the duration of your protective is essential, preparing your hair prior is just as crucial. I have a few simple tips and tricks to help you and hopefully, this prevents some of the frustrations (and keeps your sanity intact).

  • PRE-POO (better known as Pre-Shampoo Treatment): I honestly feel like a broken record saying this but this step is very important. I think that it should be the first step in any hair routine, whether you protective style or not. It not only moisturizes your hair but prevents your (harsh) shampoo from stripping your strands. It also add shine to your hair, help with tangles and leaves your hair more manageable overall. Need I say more? Honestly, just try it out!

Blog 3

  • CLEANSE: If you are going to have a long term protective style, I highly recommend that you give yourself a good wash. You want to have a clean environment for your hair to grow and to minimize any scalp issues such as flakes. I typically wash my hair during my protective styles but nothing beats doing it beforehand. It really doesn’t matter if you prefer a gentle clay wash, a shampoo bar or run straight for the chemicals! Just make sure your scalp is clean and happy.

Blog 4

  • DEEP CONDITION: If you have natural or relaxed hair, it is so important to deep condition, according to your hair needs. You can either do a moisturizing deep conditioner and/or a protein one. Either way, make sure that you hair is in tip top shape before you ignore it for a month. I like to use a hair steamer – but you don’t have to. A plastic bag and your own body heat can work wonders, leaving your hair extremely soft. This minimizes breakage and help you retain growth. Let’s face it, there is no amount of protective styles that will “grow” your hair, if you aren’t taking the steps to prevent breakage.

how to prep2

  • MOISTURIZE/SEAL/DETANGLE: Quite a mouthful but depending on your method, you can accomplish this all at the same. Right after I hop out of the shower, I start to detangle my hair. This is easier with moisturized hair. I work in sections and apply my leave-ins and moisturizers as I detangle. It doesn’t have to be such a chore. Just think of it as time that you are investing in yourself, for healthier/ longer hair in the future. That’s kind of a big deal.


  • PROTECT: All that is left to do at this point is to protect your hair. If longer hair is your goal, you need to protect your ends in order to retain growth. This include but not limited to twists, braids, wigs, buns etc… In the picture above, I am rocking this wig, which I love. In any case, just do something that you are comfortable with. Life is too short to be miserable.

I hope that this post is helpful, and at least give some insight into my wash day routine. Of course, consistency is key. Don’t expect long hair over night,  and be ready to put in some work. I am not so much focus on products in this post, as I feel that technique is more important. I have seen ladies achieve an unbelievable amount of growth using very few and inexpensive products.  Check out the video below, if you are more of a visual person!

Until next time, happy growing!



How to Achieve Fuller, Longer Hair


Hi Guys,

Every year, I host a protective style challenge, encouraging many to join in order to attain some MIND blowing growth. I am launching the PSC 2017 this December, so you have less than a week to make up your mind and do this! Why a challenge? Glad you asked.

Typically, it is best to join a group of like-minded individuals to keep you motivated. You are who you associate yourself with. This allows us to support one another and retain as much length as possible. I personally like having the slight pressure to keep up with the challenge. Otherwise, I know I would fall off the wagon so quickly, I wouldn’t realize I got on it in the first place. Longer, fully hair starts now! Not on January 1st !

Before we start the challenge, I highly encourage you to prep your hair. This includes getting a hair cut, getting rid of split ends, doing a protein treatment etc. We want our hair in tip top shape even before we start to protective style.

The rules

1. Eat a balanced diet

2. Drink lots of water

3. Take a hair vitamins- Optional

4. Choose from the following options:

 Long term protective styles that last about 4-6 weeks OR Low manipulative hair styles.

(if you feel the need, you can give your hair a break from the long term styles by doing low manipulative styles throughout the challenge. In order words, you can go back and forth between the two options)

5. Wash your hair at least 2x a month

6. Deep condition at least once a month. You don’t have to deep condition WHILE you have a protective style in but be sure to do it when you take it down.

7. Moisturize your hair and scalp (Oiling your scalp is optional)

8. Finger detangle (or be very gentle when using a comb)

9. Leave your hair alone (no heat styling, tight braids etc…)

10. Take before and after pictures. I will have a little something something for the best growth/ most participation 🙂


As always, thanks for the support and let’s get this done! It is time to stop making excuses and really put in the work to get what you want – no matter what your goals are.



I am my own worst enemy


Hi guys!
Do you ever feel like you are just living in your head? My brain can be compared to a factory, working overtime twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Even when I am asleep, I find myself either dreaming about certain things that I want to accomplish/ forgot to do/ don’t want to forget or just plainly waking up in a panic! I met up with Kristina over a month ago. We were suppose to attend a fashion event here in Ottawa, but things didn’t quite work out as expected. Instead, we ended up grabbing a cup of coffee and catching up on life. We talked about how we are both experiencing similar feelings, and how it can be perceived as a sign of creativity!


It made sense, I mean I have so many ideas in my head and originally YouTube/blogging were meant to be a creative outlet for me; a way to express myself in a manner that I don’t get to in my day to day or at work. I have been thinking about this for a while now- told you I lived in my head. Frankly, I think that I am my own enemy. I hold myself back to the point that I let my perfectionism affect me in a negative way. If a blog post or video isn’t as perfect as I imagined, I will trash it. If the pictures aren’t as sharp as I planned, I will trash it. If the weather isn’t cooperating or an eye brow hair is out of place, well you guessed it. I have so many footage and pictures that are honestly just collecting dust on my hard drive. Oh Jesus, fix it!


Let me paint a picture for you. Kristina and I set up a date to take outfit pictures. You all should check out her blog btw, she is doing her THING. As I was running late – you know being at home and doing nothing takes so much of my time lol- I almost cancelled. Then, the sun went away and of course, so did my will to live LOL. All to say, I dragged myself out of the house and boy was I glad. We had a great time, and the pictures (featured in this post) turned out just fine.

Although I have a few videos that are ready to go/ blog posts that are ready to be posted, I want to put a stop to these sporadic uploads. I say that I am my own worst enemy, simply because I realize I have a million ideas that I never put into fruition. Additionally, when I do film a video or what have you, I tear it to shreds, claim that it isn’t good enough and never post it. As I was going through my hard drive to find pictures for this post, I stumbled across so many others that never made the cut. Yet, I go to sleep thinking about what I could have accomplished with them.


No more! I am deciding now to put a stop to this. I will go through my hard drive so don’t be surprise if you see pictures from years ago! I suppose it will be interesting as well to see how I did things back in the days. Being a content creator comes with a huge learning curve and it is constantly changing. That is the beauty of it.

All of that to say that I will be back, in full force on November 1st. I will be posting on the blog prior to that (hence this blog post), but in terms of youtube and Instagram, I will start posting consistently starting November. Hold me up to that, I have a lot coming your way!


Thank you for all the support over the years. I do not take it for granted!

Subscribe to my channel, follow me on Insta, Twitter, and Snapchat (jemy1415) to stay updated! Also, leave me an encouraging comment below and follow the blog as well!


[Photo Credit- Kristina]

Watch→ Fossil
Bag→ Call it Sping
Hair→ HerGivenHair




img_9948Hey Guys!

If you follow my on my YouTube Channel, then you must know by now that I’ve wanted a change. I love my natural hair, but it was all I knew. As I mentioned in this video, I basically wanted to experiment more with my hair. I knew the risks going in and was fully ready to face the consequences. Although there are other and less damaging ways that I could experiment with my tresses, I knew that this is something I had to go through at some point in my life. Why not now? I wondered about how my hair would be relaxed for quite some time. untitled-2

I love hair. Period. I know a lot of people aren’t going to understand this decision, especially since I have a channel dedicated to my natural hair but I want to see my hair in different states. I still want to dye it, cut it, perm it, and lock it. Honestly, it is just hair! I want to have fun with it and not feel like it is this “thing” that I need to indefinitely take care of. I don’t believe that every women perm/relax/chemically alter their hair because of self-hate. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know it isn’t the case for me. At some point in life, I will go back to my natural hair but for now, I am having fun with it. Change is good. Change is what I wanted. Change is what I got. Check out the video below to hear my thoughts on my relaxer experience.





CF Rideau Centre Expansion

CF-Rideau-Centre-5Hi Guys,

Yesterday, I was cordially invited to the grand opening of the new wing of the CF Rideau Centre by my good friend Kristina from KoutureKitten. As you may know, Ottawa is where I live but I have to admit that I haven’t been very fond of this mall in the past. You know those high school days, where all of your time was spent at the mall afterschool? I have been there, done that, and between you and I, I would rather travel further to go to a different mall. However, they have gone through some major renovations in the last few years, making this mall nothing but spectacular. Stores such as Bath and Body Works, Zara, Forever21, Aritzia and Nordstrom slowly changed my attitude and now, the addition of this 4-level wing blew my mind.


“Located in the heart of downtown, CF Rideau Centre is Ottawa’s leading shopping destination and home to the biggest names in fashion, beauty, dining, electronics and more…” And they are now even bigger. With this expansion, they now feature 21 new and exclusive stores such as H&M, NYX, Simons, Anthropologie just to name a few of my favourites. This is actually NYX 4th store in Canada, and I have never been this excited to give a mall all of my coins. Hey, I am a saver by default but don’t mind me if my bank account takes a beating in the next few months.


As the party went on, I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing blogger/Vloggers. I am always ecstatic to meet others who are likeminded and in the same “niche” as I am. Kristina, thank you so much for making me your plus-one.

Over 20 million people visit this mall yearly, and yes, I will be one of them.

Well done CF Rideau, well done.

CF rideau

CF rideau1



(Photo Credit: @CFRideauCentre)


How To Slay & Maintain Your Puff on Natural Hair

Puff64 Steps to the perfect puffHey Guys!

As I upload my latest youtube video, I realize that I rarely post about my natural hair on the blog. Considering that hair is such a big aspect of my life (it all started as a hair vlogger after all), I figured I should incorporate it on the blog more often, so here we go!

Today, I will go over the few steps that I follow in order to maintain a puff on 4C hair. I don’t leave my hair out very much, but when I do, it is guaranteed to be in a puff. It is such a chic, effortless hairstyle in my opinion, plus it is easy to maintain. What more can you ask for? I try not to do it too often, though. Just as it is easy to achieve, it is easy to forget/ignore your hair, which can result in a lot of single strand knots and dryness. Now that is a big no-no. So just like anything else in life, moderation is key,

1. ALWAYS TIE YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT- This will not only reduce the amount of knots you get but also will prevent your hair from drying out. If your hair is similar to mine, this is key to preventing breakage. You should be using a satin scarf at night, regardless of the hairstyle you have.

2. SPRITZ YOUR HAIR- I find that my hair is a lot more manageable when I spray it with some water. I take it a step further and use a little leave-in moisturizer and an oil to moisturize my hair.

3. USE AN EDGE CONTROL- This step really gives your hairstyle a flawless finish. I personally don’t like to use a lot of gel but I finally found an edge control that stole my heart. It is light weight and doesn’t flake or leave my hair really hard. Use a soft bristle brush to tame those edges.

4. GOODIES HAIRBANDS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND  I honestly don’t know any other ways of achieving a puff. You really need them in your life and they are fairly inexpensive. I like to purposely stretch them out so that I can wrap them around my hair twice. That way, they are tight enough, but now too tight to the point that they will give me a headache. Know what I am sayin’?

5. WORK IT- The bigger the better! Just let your hair do its thing. Honestly, just OWN it.

I hope that these steps are helpful and if you have any questions, leave me a comment.

Thanks again for stopping by!




My Style in Three Looks

Spring LookBook

Hey Guys!

I hope that you all had an amazing Easter. As you all know, I have been cleaning out my closet/basically finding out new gems that I had purchased, but forgotten about. What a feeling to have a clean, organized space, where you can find exactly what you need? Although I am not completely done with such an overwhelming task, I decided to put together a lookbook, showcasing some of the pieces that I have been loving lately. I feel like these outfits really capture my developing style, in the essence that they are chic, yet comfortable.



I love the color of this bag. It really makes me feel well put together, yet is fairly practical. I honestly can stuff my entire life in there and have space left over. I rarely wear skirts but I actually love the relax look from this one.

Skirt→ Garage
Tights→ Forever21
Shoes→ Call it Spring
Scarf→ Aldo
Bag→ Dynamite


Who doesn’t like a pop of color? Especially with the warmer weather (supposedly) coming around, it is a great way to transition from Winter to Spring. These shoes really took this look to the next level. Ironically, I still had the tag on when I “discovered” them and they were on super sale when I purchased them. Gotta love a great bargain!

Jeggins→ H&M
Shoes→ Forever21
Bag→ Call it Spring
Jacket→ H&M


This last look is my favorite and was my Easter Sunday look. I absolutely love this olive jacket and it is a recent buy. I decided to pair it with a floral top, in an effort to hint to mother nature that I am more than ready for the hot weather. I actually got it from Forever21, which is odd for me. It is VERY rare that I find something that fit me from their stores. I find that their sizes run big and never quite fit me how I like. Although I usually stick to their shoes/accessories,  I couldn’t resist trying this on and to my surprise, I loved it.

Jeans→ Zara
Top→ Sirens
Shoes→ Payless

I hope you enjoyed this post and I cannot wait to share more of my style with you all. Do let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below.

p.s: A great way to bring your favorite looks to life is by making a photo book with Social Print Studio! It is a great way to showcase all your favorite looks in one place