Baby, Let Your Hair Down

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Hey guys!

About two weeks ago I’ve straighten my hair. I have been enjoying my straight hair so much that I never want to wash my hair ever again! Okay, well maybe I have to and I think I may do that this week end but for right now, this is life!

After the 6 months protective style challenge, It couldn’t wait to see if I had retained any length. Although my hair grew, the length wasn’t noticeable because I practically gave myself a hair cut back in April. As a result, my hair is the same length as when I started the challenge! I am okay with that but I am pretty unhappy with the thickness. For some reason, my hair has been thinning so much over the past year. I actually wanted to do a 3rd Big Chop after seeing how thin it was but I decided to just work on it. This will be my next goal for now. I won’t go into all the details on this post  but I will basically start from the inside out. I will make sure that I am getting lots of nutrients and I will start taking a multivitamin/hair vitamin! I am pretty horrible with keeping up with vitamins but I will set up multiple reminders and hopefully that helps. In addition, I will start to be very strict with my regimen, as I have been pretty lazy with it. I share this journey with you all, as always!

On another note, I have been experiencing more with my outfits! Look at me being all girlie with that dress!  I plan to step outside my comfort zone in the future and I am looking forward to it.

Happy Friday, by the way!





Hi My name is Jennifer and I am a Haitian/Canadian who is into beauty and photography. I hope that you enjoy my blog and don't be shy :) xo


  1. Hi Jen, I was wondering if you planning on doing research befor using a vitamin for your hair? luv the progress so far can’t wait for updates. Thanks for sharing.

    • Of course! I do extensive research with everything! lol I have actually been taking a vitamin and my nails have been growing like crazy! Will share soon! x

  2. 🙂 yup, the dress looks fabulous on you! Hope the vitamins help with getting your thickness back. I watched your last video where you talked about that too and you’re totally right. There has been a big change in the thickness of your hair but it’s definitely not something that you can’t work on and fix. I believe in you 🙂 xo


    • Aww! thanks a lot! I have been taking some vitamins and my nails have been growing like crazy. I am not too sure about my hair (with shrinkage and all) but I am sure it is also benefiting.xx

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