Apples + Carrots – Ginger = Winners

IMG_9959Hey Guys!

A lot of you have been inquiring about my skin. Although my skin isn’t perfect [yet], it has tremendously changed over the past 5 months or so. I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and I still have a lot of the acne scars to prove it! My skin has been an uphill battle for as long as I can remember, but before I share with you my routine, I’d like to say that clear skin starts in the kitchen, or the fridge lol. I know that’s not what you may want to hear, but it is the truth. You are what you eat and diet plays an important role in how you skin looks and feels.

When my skin was at it’s worst last year, I decided to go vegan. It was a decision that I made after reading the book “Acne No More”. It is a holistic approach to healing the body from the inside out. If you followed my Instagram at that time, you are aware of this as posted most of my meals. Anyways, this was the turning point for my skin. It was a way to detoxify my body and I no longer broke out daily. This allowed my skin to breath and finally heal from years of acne. Although I am no longer vegan, I still watch what I eat. I haven’t been on top of it lately but I try to eat my green vegetables, fruits and healthy fats.

Before I start going into detail about my current skin routine, I would like to start sharing with you all my favorite juices and smoothies. This one is SO easy and simple but full of flavor. You haven’t had apple juice until you’ve made your own. Seriously!

Ingredients (for 16oz):

-Apples (I used 1 Gala and 2 Green Apples)

-1 cup and a half of Baby Carrots

-A small piece of Ginger (Optional)


Toss all the ingredients in a juicer and enjoy!

On a side note:

I would like to thank every one who participated in my last giveaway! I wish I could give something to every one of you to show my gratitude! As a result, instead of choosing 4 winners, I will choose 6! YAY!

Congratulations to Sara, Shushana, Bianca, Whitney, Windia, and Sherise!!! Please contact me with your mailing information!





Hi My name is Jennifer and I am a Haitian/Canadian who is into beauty and photography. I hope that you enjoy my blog and don't be shy :) xo


  1. Sounds and looks very interesting. I have considered going vegan or vegetarian but have found my self always going back to meat. I am sure I will give it a try again in the future, but first I know I have to get my mind right first for it to stick. Anywhew, thanks for sharing the recipe, I will definitely give it a try.

    • Start by increasing the amount of veggies that you eat. As long as you have a balance diet, I think that’s what matters the most! x

  2. I’ve never had acne but eating healthy is something I’ve considered not necessarily vegan, just be healthier. Luv the post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, healthier eating habits hasn’t only contributed to my skin but my body overall x

  3. aww yay! I feel like i’m being rewarded for being a faithful reader of your blog haha I’ve been waiting for you to share about what you’re doing with your skin because I’ve definitely seen a big difference in your videos 😀 looking forward to the rest of the juicy details (pun not intended haha)

    • LOL I see what you did there! haha I will be posting more of my healthy eating habits that has contributed to my skin clearing up. Thanks for stopping by! x

  4. That looks so yummy and simple. I don’t have bad skin but this couldn’t hurt. I really think healthy eating is the way to go.

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