Hey guys!

Remember me?

To be honest, I am not even sure what I actually want to blog about. Nevertheless, since I have been drawing blanks for so long, I decided to just freestyle this post.

About nearly a month ago, I had the pleasure to meet Ardean, a super talented Toronto-based photographer.  I have been reading her blog for some times now and I love her photography. She has a unique way of capturing one’s soul. Anyways, I contacted her and one thing leading to another, I was standing in front of her camera lens! She immediately made me feel right at home and I had an amazing time working with her.

As you probably know, I very rarely wear dresses. I actually purchased this one just for my shoot with Adrean. However, since I thought it looked so cute, I decided to recreate my own photoshoot with this outfit. I had a ton of fun capturing these images. A stranger actually stopped to ask me if I was getting married! haha. Maybe one day.

If you are interested on how I achieved this hairstyle, I have a tutorial here.

IMG_9230 Untitled-1IMG_9186 IMG_9194IMG_9223





Hi My name is Jennifer and I am a Haitian/Canadian who is into beauty and photography. I hope that you enjoy my blog and don't be shy :) xo


  1. You look absolutely beautiful always. Glad you got such an opportunity! 🙂 I’m subbed to you on YouTube.

  2. Oh Jenn, I absolutely love this look! You are positively gorgeous!♥ You should wear dresses more often. I’m definitely trying this hairstyle out. I saw your video on Youtube and it looks super simple. I love hairstyles that are easy and effortless but look like you’ve actually taken time to do them. Lol<3 I'm am sooo looking forward to more videos! =)

    • People tell me that all the time! I may start to wear them more, now that I am more in touch with my feminine side lol. I love hairstyles that takes no time as well!! xx

  3. I’m so glad you did contact me and that we got a chance to meet. I had an awesome time photographing you. I’m working on my backlog of shoots (O_0) and hope to get them out to you soon!!! 🙂

    I love the first image. So delicate. And the hairstyle is so elegant. 🙂

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