HEALTH: The Omega VRT 330 Juicer

I always read amazing things about juicing. After watching movies such as Food for Thought, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead and Dr. Mercola’s Hungry for Change, I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. I was the type of person who simply did not exercise and ate the unhealthiest food possible: Checkers, Burger King, Wendy’s etc. There was a time when I ate those nearly every day! I guess one can say I am blessed with a fast metabolism. Although I looked skinny, I knew I wasn’t healthy. I had horrible endurance, iron problems and suffered from vitamin deficiency in general.

For my birthday this year, my only wish was to get a good juicer. Of course, I did not get it, but I got something that was as good: a visa gift card. After shopping around a bit, I finally decided which juicer I wanted to get: The omega VRT 330 Juicer. Originally, I wanted the Omega VRT 350 but was not able it get it where I live so I settled for the 330. I have been using it regularly since May and this juicer is the best thing that has happened to my life (slight exaggeration there). I love how easy it is to assemble /disassemble it, use it and then clean up afterward. I also appreciate the fact that I can juice anything I want in terms of fruits and leafy vegetables, including wheat grass.

The juicer consists of 6 parts that are really easy to put together or take apart. As stated earlier, cleaning is a breeze. It takes me about 5 minutes to clean. This is really important to me because I doubt I would use this juicer if it took forever to clean up. It also comes with two juice screens which gives you control over how much pulp you want in your juice.  The Omega Vrt juice extractor is not a cheap juicer but its many benefits are worth the higher price. It also comes with a 10 year warranty with Omega. Talk about peace of mind!



-Easy to use

-Very efficient juice extraction

-Juices well vegetables, green leaves and firm fruits

-Does not destroy the vitamins, bioflavonoids, enzymes and other phytonutrients contain in the produce

-Delivers a very healthy juice that is beneficial to the body

-Space efficient


-Price (Cost me $350… ouch)

-Does not juice soft fruits well such as grapes or soft strawberries. It turns them into puree.

I am going to consume fresh fruit juice ONLY next week so I will make sure to update you guys on that!

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Hi My name is Jennifer and I am a Haitian/Canadian who is into beauty and photography. I hope that you enjoy my blog and don't be shy :) xo


      • Yes, you can run water thru the VRT330 without clenniag it. Would I do it? No. The problem if you did that: oxidizing pulp would still sit in there all day and get into your newly made juice, you may get more backup since the pulp will harden blocking the outlet ejection port on the vert, bacteria may multiply during the day and the juicer will get set in stains from the carotenoids in what you are juicing from sitting in there all day. I reccomend clenniag the juicer right after each use

      • Its an expensive jueicr $2500.00. It does make a high quality juice, but can be harder to use. If the jueicr is not used, its not of benefit. I would rather you purchase a jueicr that will be easy to use and that is used more often. I have sold jueicrs to people that formerly owned norwalks because of this very fact. If your super dedicated to juicing and rich, have lots of time go for the norwalk.

  1. Great, I’ll start saving some money to buy me one. I was looking for one. I didn’t know the Omega VRT 330 nor the 350 juicer. Thanks Jenn! Do they sell it online?

    • Yes, they are great! You will not regret it. They do sell them online. If you are going to buy it online, I recommend looking for sites that offer free shipping 🙂

      • I’ll comment on your bendelr suggestion. I agree, but for beginners mostly. Just to determine if juicing is for them. I started juicing when I was 11 y.o. in my father’s health food store 50 years ago!Today, powerful bendelrs smoothie makers (500+ watts) can emulsify with the help of special blades, stirring tampers water (add ice to chill). Pour into large bowl w/ 2 layers of cheese cloth squeeze out juice. Compost the pulp or find other uses. The juice has plenty of fiber.

      • you have one and did that happen to your sercen??? i am hired every year for the natural products shows east and west to do the juicing demos for omega juicers and i am told in the training to show the expo attendees how it is even good at juicing cherry pits and i do that all day for 3-4 days in a row ,no problem. if you have the sercen, is the plastic part an amber , yellow color???

    • Thanks for your demo! I’ve been juicing for half a cetruny. No, not continuously you comedian. I’ve always used a centrifugal machine. I rarely juiced leafy produce. My juicer isn’t efficient w/ small leaves. I’ve only recently discovered that I love the taste of wheatgrass, especially w/ combined with other produce. I’ve been using a smoothie maker to emulsify leafy produce wheat grass for about 6 months. Adding water dilutes flavor. This low cost masticating juicer looks like the solution!

  2. If I HAD to store If I HAD to store my juice, I would only store it a maximum 24 hours. Although Some jucier manufactures say you can store juices up to 72 hours. If you juice some citrus fruit in the jucier (Usually lemons) it will increase the time you can store it due to citric acid (A natural preservative)

  3. Juicing is something that I’ll perhaps try in the (far) future. I’m still working on perfecting my smoothies! I do have a good examples though in my sis who’s a raw vegan (she has the Angel juicer and loves it) and my good friend Rochelle, raw vegan and health coach 🙂

    • If you love smoothies (like me), you will also love juicing! Plus, it is good for you. I hope you will try it in the near future, rather than far :). xo

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