My Relationship With Make-up

When it comes to makeup, one might say I am weird. I do not wear any. I don’t like the feel of it on my face.  It makes me feel like I am covering my skin and my identity. Quite frankly, I really do not want to invest time, energy and resources into make-up. I am a simple type of girl. I like to keep things relatively easy and fast.

Don’t take me wrong, I don’t have anything against make-up or whoever decides to wear it. I actually enjoy watching tons of videos on Youtube on makeup  applications and the pretty “new” colours. I find myself going inside the MAC store once in a while just to look at what is new or try out a new shade of lipsticks. However, it is just MY personal preference and choice to not wear any.  I have given makeup a try: bought powder/foundation/lipsticks, but could never get into it. Although my skin is far from perfect, I would rather deal with my imperfections instead of covering them. I feel like they make me who I am, in a sense. Plus I would rather sleep an extra 10 minutes in the morning instead of doing my makeup! lol

What do you think of makeup? Am I the only one who is just simply not into it? Leave a comment!





Hi My name is Jennifer and I am a Haitian/Canadian who is into beauty and photography. I hope that you enjoy my blog and don't be shy :) xo


  1. HiHiii i love that one especially the convering imperfections and the extra 10 mins in the morning. Im just like you i only wear make up on certain occasions or if Didine is there to do it she loves to play with my face it her canvas as she calls it. but it is true make is useless especially when it is used every day 🙂

    • I know right! Idk, I just never could get into it but you are right, doing it every day seems too much. Didine just have fun with your face huh lol, that’s funny.

  2. I have ABSOLUTELY NO PATIENCE to wear make-up every single day! I like it simple. I do it on special occasions, even then, i rather keep the colors i use natural. I don’t like too much make-up or too many bright colors. It’s like u said, it feels like ur hiding ur own personality!

    • YES, same here! I don’t mind lip gloss… maybe even then, I hate having to re-apply! lol smh

      • Crown brushes can run you into hundders, if you are not a makeup artist why not try just MAC brushes or Sigma, they are very excellent, still fantastic quality but not as expensive as Crown. If you get the lowest Crown brushes, you are looking to spend as much as MAC brushes and it will be the same quality. if you going to invest, than i would go with the in secret series. I have some with the black handle and the bristles are coming out, would not buy it over again! I am a makeup artist and I use a bit from everybody, it depends who has a fantastic brush for my needs,I like Smashbox for powder, Bobbi for eyeliner, Nars for contour etc etc .. Excellent luck, hope it helps.

  3. i hate make up too.First i don’t know how to apply it,i suck at it and second my face fells weird when i have it on.loll…i rarely do it.only on some occasions.

    • Aww Jenn you look so gorgeous and HAPPY!! And Jan you did a great job as usual! I love the scene you shot in! And who cares if you were glacmatimalry correct or not, you got your point across! Love!

  4. I feel similarly – or maybe I’m just lazy! Lol. I have tried make-up, but just find to put on foundation and blush and lipstick (I’ve never found a colour that looks ‘natural’ enough for me!) – is just too much work and too much work to maintain. You then have to be careful about your clothes, touching your face, touching up the makeup. That is too exhausting for me. I’ve even tried just mascara – which I do like but 1. After a couple days, I just forget to put it on and 2. taking it off is such a chore – lol! I guess I’m just not a make-up girl 🙂

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